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JUNE 15-16-17, 2023 / RIMINI EXPO CENTRE
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Inside the World Startup Fest pavilion, entirely dedicated to the international ecosystem of startups and investors, an entire area will be set up for B2B meetings: investors, incubators, and VCs will have the chance to get acquainted with some of the most innovative and creative projects in the global digital-tech field, thanks to our collaboration with the ICE Agency, the National Government Institution promoting international trades.

Over the years WMF developed new ways to promote the dialogue between international realities in the tech field from all over the world, drawing a bridge between an extensive network of innovators and the leading players in the world market.

This is a key role that we also play within our own country, where we constantly operate as enablers for the internationalization of Italy's outstanding contribution to innovation. We can do that thanks to our institutional partnership with the ICE agency.

As a result of this partnership, a delegation of investors from the UK, Israel, Turkey, France, and Spain had the opportunity to meet in person with the startups at the Festival, resulting in more than 200 one-on-one appointments pre-organized by our internal offices.

Informal networking for tech enthusiasts: the Speed Meeting

WMF firmly believes in creating opportunities to ignite a change, in facilitating a new wave of sustainable development within innovation and digital knowledge. By harnessing all the potential of human connections, together we can generate a more inclusive, thoughtful outcome for all. The event will be held in presence and also on live streaming on the platform ibrida.io

We could dub it a tech-focused aperitivo. An easy, proven way to connect and network outside the strict perimeter of the formal encounter. A unique occasion to meet like-minded innovators, startups, and cutting-edge realities in the digital field, but also investors and facilitators all over the world, surrounded by an informal and laid-back environment. The idea behind this appointment is to create the opportunity to connect apart from the formal meeting setting, encouraging genuine, spontaneous interactions, as the starting point for significant business possibilities.
An unmissable opportunity for highly targeted lead generation, and to expand your own network within a friendly and dynamic context. Also: beer is on us!

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