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15 · 16 · 17 JUNE 2023 / RIMINI FIERA & ONLINE


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Open Fiber
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TIM #Wcap
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At WMF, we want to promote innovative events that equip our attendees with knowledge and skills to face today’s most prominent technological challenges. This is the reason why, for a few years now, the Festival has been organising Hackathons, both in presence and in hybrid format. These are real competitions in which participants can take part, both individually and in teams, with a range of different professional profiles to create ideas and projects dedicated to a specific theme.

Each year, we encourage companies to realize their Hackathon with us. The event is a great opportunity for the participant organisations: during the competition, a team of computer experts and programmers will work together to tackle their specific business problem.

Is your company looking for groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions for digital challenges? Take advantage of our skilled teams and expertise! Fill in the form below, choose a theme and organise your Hackathon with us, in Rimini or Online!

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Some Hackathons organized at WMF

Mediaset Hackathon

In 2018, the Festival organized a Hackathon for its partner Mediaset Infinity: the event was managed by the consulting department of Search On Media Group, in collaboration with the Infinity team.

The initiative was aimed at finding innovative solutions to increase the loyalty rate of Infinity users, by analysis data relating to the abandonment rate.

The Hackathon Infinity Mediaset was focused on some of the main topics related to digital innovation: Big Data, Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis.

  • Topic: Big Data

ARXivar Hackathon

The ARXivar Hackathon, scheduled for the second day of WMF19, saw 12 selected teams work to face challenges related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

The goal of the ARXivar Hackathon was to innovate the sector of information management and business processes, through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

At the end of the working day, a cash prize with a total net value of €6,000 was awarded to the two teams who proposed the most deserving innovative projects for the two different challenges.

  • Topic: AI&Blockchain

Golinelli Hackathon

During the last day of WMF19, the Festival hosted the Golinelli Hackathon, an event promoted and supported by Golinelli Foundation and CR Florence Foundation.

The kids from "Giardino delle Imprese" of Florence raced to create solutions to today's most prominent environmental challenges: waste, climate change and consumption.

In a few hours, the teams built a sustainable project for the Tuscan beaches.

  • Topic: Sustainability

Fake News Hackathon

Over the last few years, the Fake News phenomenon experienced a rapid growth, damaging both individuals and society at large.

In 2018, the WMF launched the Fake News Hackathon, with the aim of combating online disinformation and seeking solutions to the spread of fake news.  

This competition was realized in collaboration with important players in the publishing, business and academic world.


  • Topic: Fake News

15 - 16 - 17 JUNE 2023 /

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