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As a leading event for the international innovation ecosystem, gathering stakeholders and major market players from around the world, every year WMF allows brands, companies, investment funds, VCs, and organizations seeking to meet potential new customers and grow their network, to hold their own event at the Rimini Fairgrounds during the days of the Festival, scheduled for June 15-17, 2023.

Networking activities, B2B meetings, tailor-made hackathons, branded workshops, and also dinners, business matchmaking events, demo days, and VIP events: are just a few of the possibilities that WMF can provide to meet your business interests.

Are you planning on launching a new product, showcasing your network of companies and startups, or meeting new investment opportunities? WMF is the ideal context for this to happen.

During its last edition, WMF hosted more than 100 events, dedicated to digital and social innovation, along with live music, shows, and performances. WMF's environment and location make for a unique opportunity for companies to increase visibility, brand awareness, and networking opportunities.

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Networking and b2b meetings

Networking and b2b meetings

Plan customized meeting sessions in reserved areas, within both formal and informal settings, like private dinners or aperitivos, to expand your network, explore market trends and possibilities, and meet potential new clients to add to your roster.

Open innovation activities

Open innovation activities

Propose a vertical call specific to the business needs of your company, plan a hackathon, or design a competition for developers or programmers to be hosted during the Festival days, and display your reality to a highly targeted audience and industry insiders.

Demo days and matchmaking

Demo days and matchmaking

Are you a VC or an investment fund? Showcase your network of startups, seize interesting possibilities, and illustrate your investment projects and vision, by creating a tailor-made event in a highly targeted international environment.

Educational initiatives

Educational initiatives

Contribute to the sharing of valuable knowledge with your own customized educational event: advanced or intermediate, vertical or inspirational, it can be catered to industry insiders or to every festival attendee.

Companies that held branded events at WMF

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Some of the company events hosted at WMF


Salesforce was one of the main sponsors of a past edition. The company had multiple goals in mind, achieved through the following customized activities during the WMF days:

  • Salesforce event during the Festival, in a dedicated educational room.

  • a customized stand inside the Expo Area.

  • a talk on the Mainstage in front of a highly targeted audience of 5,000 people.

The Salesforce conference room explored Marketing Automation, Social Media Management, Big Data in Advertising, and Analytics Marketing.

On the Mainstage, Andrea Buffoni (Regional Sales Director) submitted a marketing report: "State of Marketing Report, between Artificial Intelligence and new market trends".

  • Training Event

  • Area Expo

  • Mainstage


GoDaddy took part in the 2019 edition of WMF with its GoTour, a tour dedicated to the "True Enterprisers Competition". The contest offered €20,000 to promote a small or medium-sized company, a tech startup, or an individual enterprise. GoDaddy also enhanced the external Expo Area experience, sponsoring networking activities:

  • Beer Point and Relaxation Area, where the sponsor had the chance to host networking activities between the attendees.

  • A Speed Meeting, an area dedicated to informal meetings, where participants could chat between them, illustrate their business realities and discuss their ideas during a 3-minute meeting.

After the Festival, the WMF supported the final act of the GoTour competition, held in Milan.

  • Dedicated Call

  • External Expo Area

  • Speed Meeting


Mediaset has been supporting WMF since 2018.

In 2018, the Festival organized a Hackathon for its sponsor: the competition was entirely managed by the Festival's consulting department, alongside Mediaset Infinity's team.

This Hackathon focused on digital innovation and aimed at finding innovative solutions to increase the loyalty rate of Infinity users, through the analysis of the abandonment rate. Among the discussed topics during the Hackaton, were Big Data, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analysis.

In 2019, the Festival supported Mediaset Infinity in the organization of its own training event dedicated to Video Strategy. Among the topics addressed were Branded Entertainment, Video Metadata, and Creative Production.

  • Training Event

  • Hackathon

Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage - Startup 4 Culture

For the second year in a row, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage has chosen WMF to launch initiatives and activities dedicated to the innovation of the national historical cultural heritage. For the 10th edition of the Festival, the formula chosen was a competition aimed at innovation startups pertaining to the cultural sphere, Startup4Culture.

With the collaboration with WMF during all the developing stages of the project, the competition registered more than 200 applications and involved Italian and foreign startups. The final took place on the Startup Stage, and the Italian startup Mezzoforte was awarded the final prize, presented directly by Ministry Digital Library Director Laura Moro.

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage was also present inside the Festival with a dedicated booth in the exhibition area, where it s showcased new advancements in tools and institutional projects.

Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage - Startup 4 Culture
  • Dedicated competition

  • Award ceremony

  • Booth in the exhibition floor

European Parliament - Onsite

At WMF2022, for the third year in a row, the European Parliament addressed the younger generations, encouraging their creativity in the realization of projects specified by the European institution. This has been achieved through the Europeans For Future hackathon, designed to involve young people in the construction of a social communication campaign, presenting different European programs.
Participants, backed by seniors and mentors of the digital sector, got into teamwork and had the chance to put into practice skills acquired during their education path, inside the context of an international fair, among international professionals, guests, companies, startups, and institutions.
All the communication campaigns produced during the Hackathon were then evaluated by a jury of experts and representatives of the European Parliament.
The three finalist teams were then awarded access to the upcoming events organized by the Festival, such as the WMF Summer School 2023, the New Year of Education 2022, and the WMF 2023.

European Parliament - Onsite
  • Customized hackathon

  • A dedicated award

  • Encouraging teamwork
    and community building

EURid - Networking and presentation

During the three days of the WMF, EURid, the European organization in charge of registration of .eu domains, organized a presentation in a dedicated space, addressed to its registers to convey the newest developments and innovations in the sector.

At the end of the presentation, two networking moments took place: an afternoon aperitivo and a brunch, reserved for dedicated guests. The WMF supported EURid, both logistically and strategically, in the realization of these events. EURid was also present at the Festival with a branded exhibition space in the Fairgrounds, which has allowed the brand to complete its activities in a more agile manner and present itself to all the WMF attendees, by inviting them to prearranged activities.

EURid - Networking and presentation
  • Customized aperitivo

  • customized Brunch

  • Space in the Exhibition floor

Shopify - Online

Shopify was the main sponsor of one of the latest editions of WMF.

The context of the WMF delivered in giving outstanding visibility to the company during a moment in time when the global health emergency contributed to enshrining the success of online shops.

The partner carried out brand awareness activities such as a Mainstage talk by Shopify's Head of Italy, a branded e-commerce room, and an online booth on the WMF interactive platform as Main Sponsor.

Shopify - Online
  • Mainstage talk by Shopify's Head of Italy,

  • branded e-commerce room

  • online booth as Main Sponsor.

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