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What the press says about WMF

The Festival that designs the Future, between restarting and sharing [...] the WMF has confirmed its role as an accelerator of ideas and solutions, acting as a model for the entire exhibition sector in Italy and abroad

la Repubblica

It is not a fair, but a festival or a party of the restart. The We Make Future in Rimini closes its IX edition 2021 with very important numbers and, above all, overcoming the difficulties that the pandemic emergency still imposes.

Sole 24 Ore

The first major event to return to attendance after the long stop at trade fairs and conferences, for an agenda full of technology, current events and social impact, as well as moments of music, cinema, shows and entertainment.


The combination of innovation and publishing has been explored for years within the Festival through collaborations with the main players in the world of Italian and international information.


The greatest festival in Italy dedicated to digital innovation. 

La Stampa

An event that never disappointed our expectations, with a diverse and rich programme. 


Radio 24

An event that aims to enhance the excellence of Italian companies, support research and foster creativity. 


The Web Marketing Festival provides an opportunity to reflect on the role of digital innovation on our economy and our culture. 


The term "event" is reductive. The Web Marketing Festival, from its very first edition 6 years ago until today, has become much more: a unique training opportunity, a great chance for networking.

Startup Italia

What our guests say

It was extremely interesting, I felt welcomed, because WMF chose to deepen many crucial themes, it chose to have a strong point of view. To me, this is the true soul of a project.

Roberto Saviano
Writer, journalist and screenwriter

I want to congratulate WMF for the great work they have done in providing such a platform, where we can come together and decide, together, how to create a better world for everyone. This Festival is a platform for building the Future that brings together young people in particular, who come to discuss how to use technologies and innovation to improve the world, addressing global issues such as climate change and human rights. Great.

Siyabulela Mandela
Human rights activist - Nelson Mandela’s nephew 

Thanks, thanks above all to those who had that great strength and great courage to invite us here, to the Festival, with the opening of our tour, It is a very strong emotion to walk this stage after a year and a half of stop for musicians and show business workers , to which we want to dedicate every concert this year. Heartfelt thanks to Cosmano and all the friends of the Festival.

Roy Paci

I am pleased to open this 9th edition of the We Make Future Festival, a festival that this year too presents itself as one of the most qualified opportunities for discussion on the issues of digital and social innovation. In fact, even in a year of crisis like 2020, the Festival has confirmed its role as an incubator of ideas and solutions.

Minister Luigi Di Maio
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

If we want to Make the Future, as your Festival wants to do, we need to plan and have a vision of the future. [...] since this is the Festival of digital and social innovation, what we are asking ourselves is, precisely, how the whole of society can contribute to this transformation, as consumers, citizens and parts of communities who will have to reinvent themselves.

Minister Enrico Giovannini
Ministry of sustainable infrastructure and mobility

Per me è molto emozionante essere qui con voi: è un'emozione importante, uno dei motivi che mi hanno spinti ad essere qui, quindi grazie.

Alessandro Borghi
Actor - Winner of the David di Donatello for Best Actor

You aimed high, you really did. It’s a shame you couldn’t organize your yearly physical event, it surely would have been very, very interesting but i can see you managed to make it as interesting in its online format.

Manlio Di Stefano
Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs - Conte Government I and II. 

Being here again with you, and all WMF’s friends is an honour, it’s like coming home. 
You are a beautiful family and what you do is an extraordinary job, especially aimed to enlighten many interesting startup and entrepreneurship projects of young women and men walking the Mainstage.

Diletta Leotta
Co host of WMF - Tv and radio Host 

I am congratulating you for your Festival which is absolutely extraordinary, it’s a boost to our responsibility to innovate in our cities.

Dario Nardella
Major of the City of Florence and President of Eurocities

Thank you. Thanks to you and to everyone that is watching us right now: i will always remember this day, because it represents a restart for me after an extremely difficult moment for the entire world.

Andrea Scanzi
Journalist, writer and host

For all those who are involved in digital marketing in Italy: if you have to choose only one event to attend, don't hesitate and rush to the WMF!  Excellent speakers, rich programme, cheerful environment and perfect organization.

 Luisella Giani

Taking part to WMF was a unique experience that I really wish to repeat in the future. Both the issues adressed and the structure of the festival were very interesting. I want to thank Cosmano and the staff for setting up such an extraordinary event!

Monica Orsino

Web Marketing Festival
Techlology + People + Business =
Digital Transformation!

Yuval Dvir
Manager expert in Business Transformation, Head of EMEA Online 

Five thousand people at the Palacongressi stood up and applaused at the end of my speech on mafia and social media: I swear they wouldn't stop clapping their hands. All those people standing up together against mafia, fighting with me... it was amazing. And while I was here to tell my story, two clans were arrested in Rome. 

Federica Angeli
Journalist, La Repubblica

The first impression was great: so many people! The festival was really interesting, it offered a wide range of themes and brilliant speakers... an interesting event with interested people. 

Actor, singer and ex leader of “Elio e Le Storie Tese”

Second day of Web Marketing Festival here in Rimini ✌!! The topics of today? ONG, communication and digital accessibility. There should be more events like this! Congratulations to the organizers and to all the participants, startup, companies and guests who took part. 

Giorgia Palmas
TV presenter and showgirl

The experience at the Palacongressi on the 100 steps and the fight against Mafia, with thousands of people, was truly memorable!

Francesco Morace
Sociologist, writer, president of Future Concept Lab, professor of Social Innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan and professor of Culture & Lifestyle at University of Trento

What exhibitors say

An event that every year acts more and more as an aggregator of all the people and companies that revolve around the Digital Industry, representing a moment of confrontation, training and virtuous contamination between sector employees or those who simply want approach these issues.

Alessandra Salsedo
Open Fiber

A yearly meeting point for web marketing professionals: several speeches from which you can draw inspiration and, above all, a family with whom you can build and share new projects.

Ramona Caselli

WMF Rimini was one of the best marketing events rankingCoach has ever attended. We managed to talk to hundreds of existing, potential and new customers and partners. The organization was superb and the venue excellent. We will be happy to attend again anytime and whoever doesn't is making a big mistake!

Nikolay Nedev

Every year WMF successfully creates an extremely complete and stimulating agenda, bringing together different but complementary professional profiles of the digital industry, something that is hardly seen in other contexts. It was significant for us to participate because that allowed us to introduce our products to an interested and highly segmented audience. Other fundamental elements were the advice given by italian and international WMF speakers: important exponents of the Web Marketing and digital world, that we couldn’t find in any other italian event. Moreover, attending at this Festival gives us the opportunity to directly acknowledge the needs of professionals: fundamental tips to develop new solutions and to improve our tools more and more.

Elizaveta Beresneva

The world has changed before our eyes, technology invaded our lives, our homes. The idea of ​​celebrating this change with such a fresh and modern event as the Web Marketing Festival was certainly a winning move. I really do appreciate the intelligence, the organizational skills and the sympathy of the "Search On Team". Keep on rockin'! 

Andrea Sparacino
Hoepli Editore

The WMF always live up to our expectations! We have been partners for 4 years and we can firmly maintain that the Festival always confirms itself as the best event in Italy dedicated to digital communication.

Antonella Benedetti

What investors say

UniCredit Start Lab has become a partner of WMF since the first editions. We share with the Festival the same curiosity and interest for innovation, because we are committed to supporting new enterprises and startups. In few years the WMF has grown in quality and numbers - a great example of enterpreneurship in Italy. 

Giusy Stanziola
Unicredit Startlab

We are happy for having supported the Startup Competition and young emerging business realities: the award ceremony premiation was a very interesting and funny moment of the Festival.

Federica Bordoni
Aruba Cloud

It is not easy to find such a great variety of startups as those I saw at Web Marketing Festival. This is the demonstration of a festival that grows bigger and bigger every year, becoming one of the most important event on innovative marketing and venture investing in Italy.

Augusto Coppola
LVenture Group

Events like WMF highlight the fact that, in order to build our companies future, it is necessary to invest in training and education of new professional profiles of the digital industry, also by stimulating the contamination with the startup world, starting many open innovation and digital transformation processes.

Sergio Vinci
Sella Lab

WMF is a rich and well organized event that grows year by year. It is also a privileged observatory on new entrepreneurial ideas in the digital industry.

Giampaolo Pagliuca
Alma Cube

Again, this year WMF has dedicated large space to innovation and digital startups, not only with the Startup Competition, but also letting new companies, which are developing content and services with great growth potential and technological value, become protagonists at the event and introduce themselves to big italian and international companies.

Gabriele Ronchini
Digital Magics

What Startups say

Being here is very beautiful and exciting. We are happy to have been able to present a startup like ours, medical, with an implantable device and with all its complexities, I want to thank WMF for this great opportunity.

Emiliano Lepore

Absolutely amazing the fact that we are back in attendance thanks to the Festival, which has brought back a bit of normality for everyone. Great that we have returned to this type of dimension much more human than that mediated by the screen, also thanks to the WMF2021.

Umberto Zola

We are pleased and proud to have achieved this important goal. Years of work and research have allowed us to present a solid project on the stage of one of the most prestigious startup competitions in Italy and to conquer the public and the jury.

Marco F. M. Vismara

We have collected many contacts of potential partner, a great visibility source. Very interesting.

Jader Manno

Expectations were fully met by this online edition of the WMF. For us at ISAAC it was exciting to follow the event and have the opportunity to actively participate; for this we want to thank all those who made it possible, from the organizers to the presenters, from the jury to the public.

Anna Impedovo

For Smart Domotics it was an exciting experience. We were chosen among 6 finalists and we had the chance of introducing our startup in front of an extremely large audience! We had already won some competitions in the past, but never had we found such a friendly atmosphere as here. 

Raffaele Borgini
Smart Domotics

Year by year, the WMF is becoming a reference point for digital marketing in Italy. When someone asks us "Where did you start from?", we proudly answer: “We started on the WMF Mainstage!”

Cecilia Nostro

I believe that having the chance to explain what we are doing in front of thousands of people and to experts of Venture Capital is something unique. The same can be said regarding all the training sessions, where next year we are going to bring the whole team! 

Matteo Musa

Once again, the Web Marketing Festival has confirmed itself as one of the most important showcase of italian startup ecosystem. A wide variety of startups, good projects and networking opportunities: an event that is always growing!

Cristian Currò

Our participation at WMF Online was a great opportunity and reason for satisfaction for us: we found a context of great dynamism and professionalism that gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to an audience of potential investors.

Francesco Ricciuti

WMF was very interesting for the contents offered but above all for the potential investors involved. The organization of the presentations of the selected startups was impeccable, congratulations. We look forward to participating in the Web Marketing Festival as a success story in the future.

Nicola Fusco

What our speakers say

The WMF confirmed itself as the most complete event on the Italian digital scenario. What surprised me the most was the level of participation and people's willingness to create a network and grow together. Moreover, I also appreciated the importance the staff gave to social inclusion. 

Marco Dall'Olio
Mediaset - Infinity

The Web Marketing Festival is an excellent event to deepen your existing marketing knowledge and to explore new areas. Due to the broad range of topics and the many excellent speakers, everyone, whether junior or senior, is provided with the necessary know-how. The Expo area offers the opportunity to meet relevant service providers and get in touch with them. Overall the Web Marketing Festival is an event that can’t be missed by anyone who works in marketing.

Matthäus Michalik

It is always nice to return to the Festival, I believe that here there is a widespread atmosphere of intelligence: it seems to me that there is almost that spirit and that energy that the Internet had at its origins, as if we were all realizing that we must reset the totalizers in this moment and start new reflections, and here I saw that many are profoundly redefining this profession starting from the meanings of this profession

Paolo Iabichino

I really loved the vibe at the event. I could feel the passion. Lots of young, smart and ambitious people with great ideas.

Simone Van Neerven
Vueling Airlines

I want to emphasize the sensitivity shown by the WMF organizers towards social inclusion. During the two days of Festival we talked about training, entertainment, networking, startups, business and innovation, always keeping an eye to accessibility and usability. This year we sow the seeds and I hope we will reap the benefits in the future. 

Giovanni Cellucci
Istituto "Francesco Cavazza" - ONLUS

I was very pleased to talk about topics like Artificial Intelligence, IoT and CX at the Web marketing Festival. I was struck by the interaction with the public and the number and quality of the questions that were asked. This event is a reference point for anyone who wants to do innovative marketing in Italy.

Michela Guerra

15 -16-17- JUNE 2023 /

The largest Digital Innovation Festival on the Planet

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