Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

The WMF education program 2024

AI for Future

The AI for Future stage, part of the WMF's AI Global Summit event and sponsored by Globant, will offer talks on the application and future of artificial intelligence by leading Italian and international experts in the field. 
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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Innovation Showcase

This stage, powered by SAP on the 13th of June, showcases products and services presented by startups, SMEs, and companies offering innovative solutions to corporate needs and, generally, the market.
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Google Innovations

The stage presents the latest trends and innovations in the Google ecosystem. Featuring international speakers and experts in the field, we will explore the dynamics of YouTube, Analytics, Performance Max, and GitHub/Scripts to harness the full potential of Google platforms for your digital success.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.

AI Marketing

The AI Marketing stage, part of WMF's AI Global Summit and sponsored by Get Response, offers talks on the application of marketing in the field of artificial intelligence and insights on AI from top Italian and international industry experts.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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Future of Open Innovation & VC

Embark on a journey to explore the characteristics of a global community of innovators committed to co-designing inclusive prosperity and a better future. Through immersion in diverse ecosystems and approaches, participants will gain valuable insights into the dynamics of open innovation and collaboration on a global scale. Together, we will cultivate a community of changemakers dedicated to shaping a more equitable and sustainable world for generations to come


The WMF proposes a Masterclass dedicated to the deepening of some hot topics for the AI & Digital-Tech sector through which it will be possible to understand the strategic use of Artificial Intelligence. The Masterclass will last two hours, in which it will be possible to relate with some of the leading experts in the field and are intended for a maximum of 25 people, to ensure the best possible interaction with the speakers.

Prophets of AI

In this stage, speeches and interventions by some of the most respected international experts in Artificial Intelligence will alternate.

Thanks to the partnership between Search On Media Group and WMF with Prophets of AI - a leading American entity for connecting with experts in the AI field - this stage will feature brilliant minds who have made significant contributions to the advancement of artificial intelligence, robotics, and consciousness fields, coming from diverse backgrounds such as computer science, art, finance, and informatics.


The stage,  within the E-commerce Fest and sponsored by Connecteed, is dedicated to the main strategies for optimizing online sales: the biggest innovations in the world of digital marketing and the most interesting integrations will be presented by leading industry profiles.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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The stage, powered by SMConnect, is the ideal place to discover new trends and best practices in digital advertising. Industry experts will provide insightful insights into the latest technologies and tools to help companies optimize their advertising campaigns and increase their ROI.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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The stage hosts prominent speakers that will offer their insights into the world of branding: through informative and vertical interventions, the strategic role of brands in the digital age, their relationship with consumers, impact on the social context, vertical platforms, communities, and much more will be thoroughly explored.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.


On this stage, powered by SM CONNECT, industry experts will address the most technical and advanced areas of SEO. Presentations and case studies will delve into tools and strategies that continuously shape the entire digital sector.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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Social Media Strategies

The stage, powered by SMStrategies, offers informative speeches dedicated to fundamental strategies for measuring and optimizing performance on social media. You will delve into the most effective techniques to maximize the impact of your online activities, optimizing your social media presence to achieve your business goals.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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This is the biggest stage of the WMF that brings together all the themes of the Festival, where tech experts and innovators share their ideas and visions.

Inspirational talks, interviews, and debates will take place on the Mainstage to explore the latest technological developments and different aspects of innovation and its ethical, social and economic implications.

Not only creative insights and reflections on the Future but also moments of show and entertainment with concerts, live performances, the Startup Competition Final and award ceremonies with the WMF Awards. 

Please note: The program is constantly being updated and times may change.

WorkTech Policies

This stage is part of the GovTech Summit: the event on innovation in global policies, a meeting point to explore the synergies between technology, governance, and innovation.
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Tech Policies and Communities

This stage is part of GovTech Summit: the event on innovation in global policies, a meeting point to explore the synergies between technology, governance, and innovation.
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Book Presentation

The stage, part of the Book Fair at WMF, is dedicated to talks, book presentations, and interviews on the major developments in the publishing sector. Authors will discuss topics related to digital, sustainability, innovation, and social impact.

Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

This stage is part of the GovTech Summit: the event on innovation in global policies, a meeting point to explore the synergies between technology, governance, and innovation.
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AI Tools & Services

In this stage, speakers will examine how the corporate use of artificial intelligence can automate processes and improve overall performance

All speeches within the room are branded

Influencer Marketing

The stage, powered by SMStrategies, explores the world of digital influencers, delving into winning strategies for collaborating with influencers and identifying the best partnership opportunities, as well as creating engaging content that captures the attention of the target audience.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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Content Creators

The stage, part of WMF's Creators Fest, is where the world of Content Creators comes to life with interviews, sketches, panels, talks, and meetings with the protagonists of the content creation world and their communities.


The Edutech Stage provides a comprehensive overview of the latest frontiers in educational technology. Through a series of engaging and informative speeches, industry experts will explore the potentials, challenges, and innovative applications that are transforming the way we learn and teach

Startup Stage

Every year at the WMF, all the players in the innovation ecosystem come together: meet the founders of the selected startups, who will be able to present their project to an international audience of potential investors, partners and media, and join the WMF's international network, thus accelerating the opportunities for success.

Ethics & AI

The stage dedicated to Ethics and Artificial Intelligence explores the latest trends, innovative applications, and future perspectives in the field of AI and ethics. Experts from around the world converge to discuss the ethical challenges and opportunities offered by AI, promoting collaboration and innovation, presenting a crossroads of ideas and perspectives that shape the future of ethics and AI in the digital age.

Work, HR & Digital Skills

The stage dedicated to the world of work delves into the challenges and opportunities in the realm of human resources and digital skills. Experts and HR managers from various national and international backgrounds will share valuable insights on emerging trends and possible future scenarios in the workplace context.

Climate Change

On this stage, researchers, consultants, and non-profit organizations will take turns presenting the state of the art and the major implications of climate change, focusing on existing solutions and key trends at both national and global levels

Digital Tools & Services

Xrs, chatbots, NLP, and many other revolutionary technologies will be at the heart of our speakers' interventions in this internship, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and chatbots, and how companies can use them to improve customer experience and engagement.

All talks within the room are branded.

Data Analytics

The stage, sponsored by Exelab, is dedicated to web data measurement, collection, and analysis processes aimed at optimizing their utilization. The speeches will examine the new tools in the field and the latest trends to improve campaign reporting.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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Knowledge Share

Voices and testimonies of innovation will take center stage at the Open Stage by Netval and Knowledge Share at WMF! On June 14th, 2024, get ready to dive into deep tech and technology transfer.

Not only will Netval and KS be present as partners, with an Expo Area featuring 40 of the most promising startups from the KS 2.0 platform and the national innovation landscape, but they will also bring best practices and industry professional viewpoints!

We'll delve into deep tech topics with a focus on the world of Start-Ups and Technology Transfer. But it won't be just theory: on stage, authoritative experts and pioneers will share experiences and concrete examples of the disruptive potential of deep tech in shaping our future.

Netval and Knowledge Share are not just present; they are the engines driving this extraordinary journey into innovation. Join us as we transform the event into an unforgettable experience, creating deep connections and opening the doors to a world of possibilities.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this revolution: mark June 14th on your calendars and get ready to be transported to the forefront of global innovation.

Come discover the future with us at the Open Stage by Netval and Knowledge Share at WMF.

For more information about Associazione Netval: Who We Are - Netval

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Social Inclusion

During this stage, we will discuss with experts, academics, and activists how to promote the growth of a more inclusive environment by eliminating structural prejudices and recognizing, instead, the true value of diversity.

Marketing Automation

The stage offers a series of presentations by various speakers on the topic of Marketing Automation, aimed at illustrating how it transforms the way companies interact with their customers, enabling personalized and timely communication.

This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.

Tech 4 Business

On this stage the speakers will examine how companies can leverage recent technological developments to improve operations, efficiency and innovation.

All talks within the room are branded

Augmented & Virtual Reality

The stage, featuring prominent international speakers in the field, will explore the latest trends, innovative applications and future prospects of Augmented and Virtual Reality, delving into how these technologies are transforming industries such as gaming, education, design and more. 

Generative AI

The proposed stage, sponsored by Telematic International University Uninettuno, provides the opportunity to immerse oneself, through various speeches, in the world of Generative AI, a rapidly growing field that combines artificial intelligence and creativity.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.
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The stage hosts round tables, debates, and the Festival's community coming together to discuss topics that have always been close to the heart of WMF. Discussions will therefore alternate between newsletters, new digital scenarios, and trends in the technology sector.

Future of Entrepreneurship

In this stage you will be inspired by stories of entrepreneurial successes, by the efficient and creative use of today's digital tools, and by visions of the future!

Digital Commerce & Marketing Services

In this stage, speakers will discuss strategies and tools to help companies succeed in e-commerce, including tips for increasing sales, optimizing user experience, and using effective marketing techniques.

All speeches within the room are branded

Digital Strategy

The stage will offer case studies and working models, marketing and communication with informative and vertical talks to develop successful digital strategies and explore the most effective planning to tackle the challenges of the contemporary market.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.

Machine Learning

The stage offers insightful and focused talks on the latest trends in computer programming. Participants will have the opportunity to delve deep into the vast universe of software development, gaining essential skills to tackle complex challenges and craft innovative solutions.

Human Rights

The stage explores, with the participation of leading international speakers, the crucial issues that define the global human rights agenda. We will delve into current issues, new challenges and best practices for promoting and defending human rights around the world, providing a global and interdisciplinary perspective on a critically important topic.

Content Marketing

In this stage, industry experts will discuss strategy and creativity. A place where the brightest minds converge to share ideas and inspire innovation.
This stage is only accessible with a Full Ticket.

Sustainability & Tech

The stage offers, through interventions by various international and non-international speakers, insights into the theme of sustainability and technology. Participants will focus on how technological innovation can currently drive the transition towards a more sustainable world.

AI for Health

The AI for Health stage, powered by the GIMBE Foundation, offers a unique opportunity to explore the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. You will be involved in the study of best practices and winning strategies for using artificial intelligence to improve people's health and well-being.
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Tech for No Profit

The stage dedicated to the Third Sector: non-profit organizations, institutions, volunteers, and experts offer informative speeches on the latest innovations and trends aimed at promoting actions to support a more equitable and inclusive society.


This stage, sponsored by TikTok Italy, explores the creative and technical dynamics of the platform. Training sessions, case studies and best practices to better elaborate strategies on TikTok.
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The UX & UI stage, powered by Architecta, will immerse you in the world of user experience and user interface. Those who follow this stage will have the opportunity to explore and deepen best practices for designing engaging and intuitive digital experiences.
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Impact to Business

The program of this open stage will help you understand how to co-design a sustainable, inclusive and scalable model of prosperity and increase the positive impact of initiatives born to respond locally to global challenges on your community and the environment around you.

Coding Front-end

The Frontend Coding stage offers in-depth and focused talks on the latest trends and practices in frontend development. Here, participants will have the opportunity to explore key aspects of user interface design and implementation in detail, gaining essential skills to tackle complex challenges and develop innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

Back-End & Cloud

The stage provides comprehensive and targeted discussions on the latest trends and strategies in backend development and cloud computing. Attendees will delve deep into crucial aspects of server-side programming and cloud infrastructure, acquiring vital skills to address intricate challenges and engineer innovative solutions tailored to modern computing environments.

E-Sports & Gaming

This stage hosts discussions on the present and future of the gaming and eSports business


The stage provides training sessions on innovations in the tourism sector and digital integrations to optimize offerings in an international market


On this stage, experts address the increasingly fundamental topic of Cybersecurity with informative and specialized speeches.

Space Economy

On this stage, there will be talks dedicated to the opportunities and challenges in the space economy. Here, industry experts and innovators will share ideas and strategies to maximize the commercial and technological potential of space and discuss the future of the sector.

Video Marketing

On this stage,  the world of video marketing will be explored through expert interventions that explain how to use videos to promote a product, a service, or an idea, increasing engagement and involving the target audience.

Environment Transformation

This stage is part of the GovTech Summit: the event on innovation in global policies, a meeting point to explore the synergies between technology, governance, and innovation.
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There are no sessions in the selected stage on this day.

Session for 13 june

13 june
14:20 - 15:00
Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

Academic Leadership: the Role of Universities in the Innovative Ecosystem

The panel will explore the critical role of digital innovation and educational technologies (Edutech) in the future of higher education. It will discuss how universities must evolve to meet the needs of modern students and the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Rectors and representatives from prestigious Italian universities will assess Edutech's contribution to scientific research, facilitating collaboration and data access. The event aims to outline strategies for maximizing the potential of digital innovation in academia, with a focus on the application of artificial intelligence.
Corgnati (tbc)
Matteo Lorito
University of Naples Federico II   
Alessandro Rossi
Dean's Delegate for Production System Support    
University of Trento   
Michela Milano
Alma Mater Research Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence    
Stefano Paolo Corgnati (tbc)
Polytechnic of Turin   
13 june
17:00 - 17:40
Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

Innovation and Internationalization: Synergies between Enabling Technologies, SMEs and Startups

The panel will explore how new technologies can accelerate the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups. Policies for emerging technologies and support available to facilitate international expansion of SMEs will be discussed. Examples of innovative ecosystems and development strategies to foster the global growth of startups will be presented, highlighting synergies between innovation and internationalization.
De Angelis
Luca De Angelis
General Manager   
Directorate for New Enabling Technologies - MAECI   
Mariangela Siciliano
Head of Education, Business Promotion & Supply Chain   
Karina Virrueta
Head of Innovation Ecosystem   
Startup Valencia   
Invest in Austria
13 june
18:00 - 18:40
Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

Urban Evolution: The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Technology in Municipal Administration

In an era of rapid urbanization, the integration of AI and emerging technologies is transforming city management. This panel will explore how municipalities utilize these technologies to improve urban efficiency, safety, and quality of life. Discussions will focus on AI applications in areas like waste management, public transport, and urban planning. Additionally, the panel will tackle ethical, privacy, and security challenges in technology implementation. Through dialogue between public administrators and tech leaders, the event aims to uncover the transformative potential of AI in urban development.
Massimo Bugani
Councilor for the Digital Innovation   
City of Bologna   
Igor Gallonetto
Councilor for Digital Transition, Public Green and Reforestation, Heritage, Legality, Participation   
City of Ravenna   
Fabrizio Ferrandelli
Councilor for digital innovation and functional relations with Sispi   
City of Palermo   
Carlo Pasqualetto
Vice President of the Council Commission II   
City of Padova   

Session for 14 june

14 june
09:20 - 10:00
Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

Digital Diplomacy: technological innovation as a bridge for international cooperation

The panel aims to explore the crucial role of digital innovation in international cooperation and contemporary diplomacy. In an era where digital technologies are revolutionizing how states and organizations collaborate and interact globally, it is essential to understand how these tools can be used to promote peace, security, and sustainable development. Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of digital diplomacy dynamics and explore the transformative potential of technology in addressing global challenges.
Dalia Kreivienė
Embassy of Lithuania   
Elita Gavele
Embassy of Latvia   
14 june
14:00 - 14:40
Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

Innovation Exchange: building bridges between Italy and Brasil

In collaboration with Associazione di Amicizia Italia-Brasile and UlaBianca
Recife, thanks to its natural port, is the main city in the Northeast region of Brazil. It is renowned for its rich historical and cultural heritage, solid industrial base, and significant academic presence. In recent years, Recife has emerged as an innovation hub, particularly in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), attracting top talents and multinational companies in the sector.  This panel aims to open a dialogue between Italy and Brazil in order to promote the exchange of best practices in the field of innovation. The goal is to strengthen collaboration between institutions in both countries, and to foster growth and development in their respective regions. Topics of discussion will include: advanced training in ICT, strategies for attracting talent and investment, and the role of academic and industrial institutions in building innovative ecosystems. In order to stimulate further dialogue, the panel will explore how Recife's success stories can inspire new collaborative initiatives between Brazil and Italy.
Portela Florêncio
On. Fabio Porta
Italy-Brazil Friendship Association   
João Campos
City of Recife   
Rafael Figueiredo
Prosecutor; Advisor   
State of Pernambuco; Recife Digital Port   
Joana Portela Florêncio
Secretary for Development    
SDECTI Recife   
14 june
15:00 - 15:20
Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

Digitalization and PNRR: Integrated Strategy between Economy and Culture

This panel will explore how digitization, supported by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), can act as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth and the enhancement of Italy's cultural heritage. Integrated strategies that combine technological innovation and economic policies will be discussed, outlining the synergies between economic development and cultural promotion. The discussion will provide an in-depth view of the opportunities and challenges in implementing the digital initiatives of the PNRR.
Angelantonio Orlando
General Manager of the mission unit for the PNRR   
MIC - Italian Ministry of Culture   
Marina Gabrieli
Expert in design and management of programs for the development of the project “Turismo delle radici” -    
MAECI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation   
14 june
17:50 - 18:30
Italy, EU and Global Diplomacy

Investing in the Future: Finance and Public Policy for Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is fundamental to the economic future, requiring effective collaboration between finance and public policy. This talk will explore how financial institutions and government policies can come together to support and accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies. Legislative initiatives and budgetary policies aimed at fostering innovation will be discussed, along with national economic strategies to boost technological growth. In addition, the role of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in providing funding opportunities and solutions to support innovative companies will be examined. The talk will provide an overview of the synergies needed between finance, EIB and public policies to create an ecosystem conducive to technological innovation and economic progress.

On. Ylenja Lucaselli
Deputy of the Commission-Budget, Treasury and Planning   
Chamber of Deputies   
Fabrizio Morgera
Senior Investment Officer    
European Investment Bank   

Session for 15 june