Emerging Bands Contest 2024 Regulations


WMF is on the lookout for an emerging band to feature on the stage of WMF - We Make Future, scheduled for June 13, 14, and 15, 2024, at BolognaFiere.

Who Can Apply

All emerging bands, upon registering on the We Make Future website, are required to complete the provided form and upload a video of an original song or a cover of an Italian or international musical piece. Registration for the contest is open until one month before the event. Participation in the initiative is free of charge.


The song can be an original composition by the band or a cover of a national or international song. The accompanying music video must be performed by a band.

How to Register

Registration can only be done online by properly completing the forms available on the website en.wemakefuture.it in the section dedicated to the initiative. Participants must be of legal age at the time of registration.

Mechanism and Timing

Contest Launch: October 1, 2023

Contest Closure: April-May 2024

Public Voting Deadline: May 2024

Jury Voting Deadline: May 2024

Winner Announcement: June 13-15, 2024

May 2024: PUBLIC VOTING (1st phase)

The audience will cast their votes in the dedicated section of the website. The top 15 bands with the most votes in the public voting phase (first or second week of May 2024) will automatically advance to the 2nd PHASE as described below.

May 2024: JURY VOTING (2nd phase)

All the bands that have received the highest votes will automatically proceed to the jury evaluation by We Make Future, which will provide its undisputed judgment on each band based on the following criteria:

1. Technical, executive, and interpretative skills.

2. Musical sensitivity.

3. Overall sound quality.

At the end of the evaluation, a ranking will be established. The top band identified by the jury will be announced as the winner on the We Make Future stage and will earn the opportunity to perform on the main stage during We Make Future. There is no cash prize. Other bands will also have the chance to be selected to perform live on the Pool Stage during the event (WMF - We Make Future on June 13, 14, and 15 at BolognaFiere).

How the Outcome Will Be Communicated

The outcome will be communicated to the bands through email and phone calls using the registration details.


Any person participating in the initiative is entirely responsible for their actions. In any case, the participant agrees to hold WMF organizers harmless and indemnify them from any detrimental consequence, cost, damage, defective operation of the internet or telephone network (including penalties from competent authorities) that may arise from or be claimed against them due to their actions or participation in the initiative. Since the organizing entity makes an effort to provide users with available and controlled information/material, it will not be responsible for errors, unavailability of information, or the non-usability of the website on all computers and other mobile devices.

In any case, the participant agrees to hold the promoter harmless and indemnify them from any detrimental consequence, cost, damage – including penalties from competent authorities – that may arise from or be claimed against them due to their actions or violation of the regulations.

If, for any reason, the initiative cannot be carried out as planned, the promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel or modify the initiative without incurring any liability, without any prior notice.

In the event of force majeure or public health and safety reasons – for example, global epidemics or pandemics resulting in contingent orders contrary to the conduct of public events – if the Event needs to be moved about dates and/or location, the Organizer will promptly inform and communicate new dates and locations for the Event, different from those initially planned. In the event of cancellation and/or rescheduling of the Event due to Force Majeure, nothing will be owed by Search On Media Group to the winner as compensation, and the in-person performance cannot be guaranteed.

To participate in the initiative, it is not necessary to make any purchases and/or sales of products marketed by the promoter and/or related to WMF. Participation in the initiative is free.

Release Form

Participants in the initiative consent to Search On Media Group s.r.l. publishing and/or broadcasting on the internet, social networks, and any other means of dissemination of the video submitted by the participating emerging band, to allow web users to vote for their favourite band.

Applicable Regulations

The initiative and this regulation are governed by Italian law.