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WMF International Roadshow

We Make Future is the largest festival dedicated to innovation in Europe. As such, we have always been committed to encouraging the flow of great new ideas and sharing insightful knowledge on the innovation industry, tech-driven entrepreneurship, investors and corporate ecosystems, and digital culture.

To plead our commitment in this direction, in 2021 we started an International Roadshow: a network of worldwide events, aimed at sharing ideas and insights within the innovation field, and boosting the connections between industry ecosystems.

Our network covered sp far 5 continents and 29 countries, bringing the WMF to the Ruanda, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, Greece, Malta, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, China, and more. 

On the entrepreneurial side, specific calls will be opened in every Country, allowing WMF to host on-site startup competitions. These challenges will follow the model of the WMF Startup Competition, which created so far advancing opportunities for over 4,300 startups during the previous editions, acting as a catalyst for growth and innovation in the international business landscape. Want to bring the International Roadshow to your city? The Call for Cities is open, apply via the form below!

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Valencia, Spain

26-27th, October 2023

in partnership with Valencia Digital Summit

WMF will be in Spain as a Community Partner of the Valencia Digital Summit. During the event, an entire area will be occupied by the delegation of startups from the WMF ecosystem. Additionally, there will be moments of networking, training, and a pitch competition. Startups, investors, and corporates from the Valencia network will also be present.


Belgrade - Serbia

October 2023

The second stop of the last semester of the year will be dedicated to Serbia. In its ongoing drive to create a global community, WMF will visit Serbia for the first time, with the aim of creating an important moment of interaction with local investors, startups, and Open Innovation managers, and promoting Italian technological excellence abroad.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China

November 2023

in partnership with STARTMEUPHK FESTIVAL

WMF will touchdown in Asia thanks to collaborations with significant players in the local ecosystem. Digital cooperation between countries and continents has been one of WMF's primary objectives for years, and the connection with startups, VC, and CVC from the Asian ecosystem, promoted by WMF, will make a significant contribution to the entire global innovation ecosystem.


Valletta, Malta

November 2023

in partnership with Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce

The WMF team will be in Malta to organize the first WMF event on the Mediterranean island. It will be an event filled with educational sessions, a startup competition, B2B meetings between investors and innovative SMEs, as well as meetings with local institutions and organizations. The goal is to connect the local ecosystem with the entrepreneurship of the WMF network and Italian Innovation Valley.


Thessaloniki, Greece

December 2023

in partnership with Italian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki

The WMF event, organized in collaboration with local partners for the 3rd consecutive year, features startups and investors from the Greek ecosystem. It involves the participation of Greek institutions and universities, as well as international corporations. Hosted within the CISCO Thessaloniki accelerator, WMF Thessaloniki is establishing itself as a benchmark event for innovative ventures in Greece.

New Cairo

New Cairo, Egypt

February 2024

in partnership with Startups Without Borders

Thanks to the partnership with Startups Without Borders, an international ecosystem for immigrant or refugee entrepreneurs, WMF contributes to the organization of the Cairo event, where it will be present with a delegation of companies and a pitch competition featuring startups from both the WMF and SWB ecosystems.


Tirana, Albania

March 2024

in partnership with Money Magazine and the Italian-Albanian Chamber of Commerce

WMF event, held in collaboration with local partners for the second consecutive year, aims to connect the Italy Innovation Valley ecosystem with the pinnacle of Albanian tech entrepreneurship. This event will also feature the participation of institutions, corporations, investors, and local organizations.


Prague, Czech Republic

April 2024

in partnership with Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Thanks to collaboration with local partners and the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WMF organizes the second Italian-Czech Business Forum, aimed at creating synergies between local and Italian entities. The event will include educational activities, competitions, project presentations, awards, and much more.


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

To be defined

in partnership with ICE/ITA

WMF event, organized in collaboration with ICE - Italian Trade Agency, will feature educational sessions, networking opportunities, and local startup scouting. It will also include the presence of innovative SMEs and Italian startups to showcase Italian tech excellence to potential partners and investors, thereby strengthening the ties between Italy and the countries in the Balkan region.


Canada, Vancouver

To be defined

in partnership with Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West - Vancouver

WMF will arrive in Canada, one of the most advanced innovation ecosystems in the world. Investors, local institutions, and North American corporations will attend the event, which aims to create synergies between startups, innovative SMEs, organizations, universities, and local institutions. It also aims to export Made in Italy innovation across the ocean.

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Stay updated on the stops or nominate your city to host one of the WMF events. Connect the local ecosystem with the world by hosting an agile and enjoyable format that includes networking moments, educational activities, competitions, awards, and much more. Hosting a WMF event means creating networking opportunities for yourself and for entities, institutions, corporations, speakers, startups, and investors who will participate while showcasing Italian tech excellence at the same time.

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