WMF's commitment to a sustainable development

Counteracting climate change and environmental concerns has become today more pressing than ever. There is an inseparable link weaving Innovation with Sustainability, which is a key factor for the future of all business endeavors and companies.

Since its first editions, WMF has been paying increasing attention to environmental issues, working with commitment and care to reshape a sustainable future through innovation.

The choice of the Festival venue is also part of this strive: a location that responds to the principles of sustainability both environmental and social, taking into account equally important factors such as accessibility and social justice.

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Sustainability at WMF

Education, guests and talks

On the more than 77 stages of the WMF, many contributions were entirely focused on the topic of sustainability and the SDGs - the sustainable development goals outlined in the Agenda 2030.

During the three-day festival, the Italian Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility Enrico Giovannini spoke about a new concept of mobility, the sustainable transformation of infrastructures, and some critical points for the implementation of the PNRR: speed, accessibility, sustainability, and resilience. Emilia-Romagna Vice President Elly Schlein explained how innovation could create social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Andrea Alemanno (Ipsos) addressed the issue of sustainability in relation to pandemics, wars, energy crises, and inflation.

Biologist and science expert Valeria Barbi, illustrated WANE, a journalistic reportage documenting the ecological crisis and the solutions adopted in 14 countries. Other speakers included Andrea Scognamiglio (E Home Enel X), Francesca Milani, Walfredo Della Gherardesca, Luigi Bottos who talked about ESG criteria, Marco Ranieri and Marco Costantino who focused on food waste. Furthermore, Americo Bazzoffia (Mercatorum University) and Claudia Strasserra spoke about ethical claims. At the same time, Luisella Giani (Oracle) gave her speech on sustainability as a loyalty strategy: sharing values, empathy, and involvement in real-time.

Previous editions of the WMF saw the participation of Alessandro Ciancio, Elisabetta Cammarota, and Luigi de Marco (ASVIS) on SDGital - Digital Transition for the Sustainable Development Goals, Nora Lombardini (Politecnico of Milan) on planning and architecture in ancient sites, Valentina Mini (University of Ferrara) on quality education and development, Dario Padovan (University of Turin) on ecological transition and resources, and many others more.

The WMF2021 Mainstage also hosted the institutional round table on NRRP: Ecological Transition Mission and Sustainable Mobility and Models of the Sharing Economy, attended - in addition to Minister Giovannini - by Matteo Tanzilli (Assosharing), Giulio Lo Iacono (ASviS), Marco Raugi (University of Pisa) Gianni Pietro Girotto (President of the Senate Industry Committee).

Furthermore, Emilia-Romagna Vice-President Elly Schlein also spoke about future challenges, including NRRP, Digitisation, and Sustainability, followed by Giuseppe Borghi's (ESA) and Sanzio Bassini's (IFAB) speech on data processing through supercomputing to tackle climate change. Eleonora Cogo (CMCC) spoke about digital technologies and video games to tackle climate change. Marco Casula and Mauro Mazzola (CNR ISP) discussed their research experience in the Arctic on climate change, and then Pierre Philippe Mathieu (ESA) and Pietro Milillo (DLR) talked about Aerospace and national and global environmental monitoring.

Shows and entertainment

The topic of Sustainability is covered extensively within each edition of the Festival: from training sessions, workshops, and panel discussions to also moments of entertainment, performances, and shows involving artists and guests from around the world.

The Italian musician Roy Paci, an advocate for environmental causes, performed on the WMF 2022 Mainstage and told how music can inspire people to engage in important issues such as sustainability and environmental protection. The deaf dance group Silent Beat also took the stage and put on a performance about safeguarding the planet. Furthermore, in the exhibition area, the One Machine Band - a robot band built entirely from waste materials - drew the audience's attention to the importance of recycling.

Many artists concerned with environmental issues have also appeared in past editions of the WMF. These include sand artist Erika Abelardo and the Psycodrummers, a band that exclusively uses musical instruments made from recycled plastic waste and other discarded materials. 

In addition to that, two special guests appeared throughout three editions of the WMF: Robidone, the environmental robot, and Teotronico, the pianist robot. Both made from recycled materials, they enlivened the three-day festival with live music and entertainment.


At WMF2021, Italian mass media company Mediaset received an Award for its “Parti per l’Italia” (“Leave for Italy) campaign in support of sustainable Italian tourism. The campaign was produced by the Ministry of Tourism and involved the Mediaset network's outstanding talents, artists, and journalists.

Over the past editions, the WMF, in partnership with FICO Foundation for Food and Sustainability Education, has also promoted an award for the most innovative and sustainable online communication campaigns in the agribusiness sector. Whirlpool and ActionAid Italy's project "Momenti da non sprecare” (“Moments not to waste”) won the award. The campaign was launched to raise awareness about food waste among children and their families and in order to encourage responsible food consumption.

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