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13 · 14 · 15 JUNE 2024 / BOLOGNAFIERE
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Scientific research, innovation, creativity, and sustainable future. These pillars provide the sturdy groundwork upon which our country's development is built.

Among the pillars of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is indeed "Education and Research", a fundamental junction to strengthen research systems and their interaction with the world of business and institutions. To do this, it is necessary to focus attention on the theme through continuous dialogue among various stakeholders, thus creating added value for the country.

For this reason, the WMF hosts the Research 4 Future event, featuring initiatives, calls, awards, and activities entirely dedicated to the world of research and its operators. Also at WMF2024, scheduled for June 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2024, dedicated stages, educational events, roundtable discussions, research presentations, and other moments dedicated to Italian and international scientific research will be held.

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Expo Area

Expo Area

Bring your reality to the Expo Area of the WMF: inside, every year, research centres and international realities belonging to the field of scientific research exhibit. You will be able to see the state-of-the-art of Italian and international research and get in touch with the representatives of the main sector realities. Book your stand now, ensuring yourself a highly visible space, and bring your reality to WMF2024

Call Big Data and Quantum Computing

Call Big Data and Quantum Computing

The WMF opens the call for Big Data and Quantum Computing to support innovative projects related to the two major areas of Big Data and Quantum Computing. Applications and solutions utilizing HPC computational methods, big data analysis, and cloud and edge computing workflow will be rewarded. Additionally, projects based on quantum computing methods will be evaluated.

Call for Researchers

Call for Researchers

Among the events and initiatives of Research 4 Future, there is the annual Call for Researchers, an opportunity for many industry professionals to present their research projects to companies, sector players, investors, and innovators who participate in the WMF every year. The goal is to incentivize Tech Transfer and promote the meeting and sharing of knowledge. Apply to the WMF2024 Call now!

Other calls and initiatives
Your startup at WMF

Your startup at WMF

The WMF hosts, within the Startup District as part of the World Startup Fest, some of the most innovative Italian and international startups in the scientific field, offering them opportunities for visibility and networking with investors and players from around the world. Keywords: Tech Transfer, Research, and Development. Do you want to bring your startup to the WMF? Book your stand now!

Guests from the world of Research

Guests from the world of Research

Every year on the Mainstage of the WMF, excellence from the international scientific research community takes the spotlight, such as Federico Faggin, Inventor of the Intel 4004 Microprocessor, Luciano Floridi, Jerry Kaplan, David Hanson, as well as Agnieszka Wykowska and Giorgio Metta from the Italian Institute of Technology, Pierre Philippe Mathieu from the European Space Agency (ESA), Bojan Jerbić from the University of Zagreb, and more. In past editions, there have also been collaborations with major research centers such as CINECA, INFN, INGV, Garr, IFAB Foundation, GIMBE Foundation, IIT, ASI, ESA, and the participation of, among others, former Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, Francesco Ubertini, Nino Cartabellotta, and Sanzio Bassini.

Stage Research4Future

Stage Research4Future

In past editions, there have been numerous speeches from the world of research, with the participation of major national and international research institutes, as well as professionals and industry operators. Even at WMF2024, both on the dedicated stage and the Mainstage, ample space will be dedicated to the world of research, and numerous speakers will present their R&D work. Do you want to present your work at the Festival? You can apply to the WMF 2024 Call for Speakers!

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