WMF Beach Party

Exclusive access to the WMF'attendees Only

JUNE 16, 2023, at 9:00 PM | BEKY BAY - Igea Marina (RN)

Ticket at 28+VAT

Music, fun, networking: it's the WMF Beach Party, the beach party of We Make Future!

On Friday, June 16th, after the second day of the WMF, we will all move to the beach at Beky Bay for a unique evening, thanks to the live music of one of the best reggae bands in Italy: Boomdabash at the WMF Beach Party!

This year, the WMF Beach Party will be held at Beky Bay, a space of over 3500 square meters with an impressive stage overlooking the sea. In this splendid location, after the Boomdabash concert, we will continue dancing all night long with our DJs! It will be an evening of music, fun, and socializing with thousands of people: speakers, creators, and participants of WMF from all over the world.

Purchase your Ticket to join the WMF Beach Party, the most anticipated evening of the three-day event!!

Included in the Ticket

Boomdabash Concert

You will have access to the first stop of the Boomdabash's Summer Tour - The Party Specialist! The Rimini date marks the big live comeback of Biggie Bash (vocals), Payà (vocals), Dj Blazon, and Mr. Ketra (beatmaker).

After Show - DJ SET

After the Boomdabash concert, the evening will continue with the innovative musical selection of our DJs and producers who will make us dance all night long!

1 Free Drink

Included in the WMF Beach Party Ticket is 1 free drink!

The new location of WMF Beach Party.


Via Alfonso Pinzon 227 - Igea Marina, RN 47814

Beky Bay is a concept, an idea, a new and revolutionary way of experiencing the sea, its forms, and its variations. It is a fully equipped beach with dining areas for lunches, dinners, aperitifs, and food delivery.

The concert area of Beky Bay is unique in its kind, starting from the impressive new stage that overlooks the audience and offers a breathtaking view to the performing artists, overlooking the sea and the beach directly.

But most importantly, it's the truly special atmosphere that inevitably arises among the audience while enjoying the concert within a space by the seaside, spanning over 3500 square meters, which transforms into a captivating open-air theater at sunset.

WMF Beach Party

Ticket at 28€+VAT

How to get to Beky Bay.

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To conveniently move from the Expo Centre or the Rimini waterfront to the WMF Beach Party, free shuttles will be running on June 16 thanks to a partnership with BusForFun:

  • 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Stops: Rimini Expo Centre (south entrance) - Rimini waterfront (16 Start stop on via Regina Elena) - Igea Marina (Beky Bay)

  • from 00:30 to 02:00

Stops: Igea Marina (Beky Bay) - Rimini waterfront (16 Start stop on via Regina Elena)


You can reach Beky Bay in Igea Marina using the following active bus lines:

  • LINEA 4 - From Coletti-Avisio stop to Colonia Ticino stop - to reach Beky Bay from the center of Rimini;

  • LINEA 5 - From Fiera stop to Colonia Ticino stop - to reach Beky Bay directly from Rimini Fiera - South Entrance.

Taxi Sharing

If you want to reach Beky Bay or conveniently move around the city using the taxi service, you can contact Taxi Sharing Rimini at +39 0541 50020.

Car Sharing

If you want to reach Beky Bay independently or simply move around the city without the commitment of managing a car, you can use the Corrente service - 100% electric car sharing, with its 335 vehicles and a range of approximately 350 kilometers. You can book your car from your phone by downloading the app from the website as well: https://corrente.app/.


To travel to Igea Marina, you can also use the railway line: starting from Rimini Station, you will reach Igea Marina Station in 9 minutes, just a few steps away from Beky Bay!

Lime - bicycle and scooter rental.

To reach Igea Marina in a greener way, if you wish, you can also use electric scooters and bicycles! You can do this by using Lime - the app for bike and electric scooter sharing available in Rimini. Simply download the application and find a vehicle nearby to reach the party in an alternative way. Take a look at the App --> https://www.li.me/it-it/

BIT Mobility - bike and scooter rental

Another green solution to reach the Rimini Expo Centre is offered by electric scooters and bicycles made available by BIT Mobility the App for sharing bicycles and electric scooters active on Rimini. After downloading the App it will be necessary to register and enter a payment method. At this point it will be enough to choose the nearest vehicle, unlock it by scanning the QR-Code and reach the Expo Centre choosing eco-friendly mobility. Check out the App --> https://bitmobility.it/app-monopattino-elettrico-rimini/

NB: There is a promotional code for using the service reserved for WMF Visitors.

Mobility Partner