Jobs on the rise. The new face of the job market.

The employment landscape is constantly shifting, more so in these recent years. Some job market trends remain steady, while others are definitely new entries. Let's walk through the more requested jobs for the next few years.

Wednesday 25 January 2023
Written by
Angela De Gregorio

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Digital Innovation Job market

The pandemic we are still walking through prompted a historical change in our socioeconomic structures and subsequently in our day-to-day lives. As an aftereffect, this circumstance triggered a reshuffle in the entire upskilling and job-seeking landscape, that may have already been in the pipeline for some time.

A large segment of worldwide jobs is today distributed in the third sector, administration, services, IT, and sales. Although looking more closely, we will be able to outline some new trends happening in front of our eyes.

While some data hit us with no surprise, with the endless worldwide demand for computing and math-related jobs - such as JavaScript developers, UX designers, and Data scientists -, new job titles are entering the scene - thanks to the crucial shift towards renewable energy and the huge automation process at play - and are bound to remain relevant for at least the next decade.

Sustainability, automation, and… eldercare.

Have you ever considered pivoting your career to wind turbine service technician? If not, this might be the right time to do so: this job title, together with solar photovoltaic panel installer, is gaining great momentum thanks to the increasing demand for renewable energy solutions. 

Healthcare-related jobs will witness substantial growth, due to the boomer generation growing older, thus sparking the necessity for personal care support, and eldercare aides to assist in day-to-day tasks and routines. Registered nurses, geriatricians, pharmacy specialists, housekeepers, cleaning professionals, and food specialists are among those ranks, with a growth of over 200%.

(source: VisualCapitalist)

As the massive deployment of AI software and machine learning is appearing closer by the day, the work environment is bound to change for good. Jobs within the creative, digital, and scientific industries will face a crucial moment, and will probably come out on the other side quite transformed. 

The current job market is worth watching for sure, for all the readjustments it will be accommodating in the near future, but first and foremost for the crucial shift happening in the very notion of modern work, and the subsequent evolutions of the work environment of the near future.


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