The International Roadshow will stop in Cairo for a two-day event.

A two-day event in partnership with Startups Without Borders, aimed at boosting the flow of new great ideas, and sharing valuable insights on the innovation industry, tech-driven entrepreneurship, investors' ecosystem, and digital culture. A local startup competition is also on the agenda. The application process will close on January 20.

Monday 16 January 2023
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Angela De Gregorio

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The WMF International Roadshowwill finally land in Africa for its first time, for an event held in partnership with Startups Without Borders, and entirely dedicated to the international startup ecosystem, the innovation industry, and networking between field stakeholders. On February 10-11, inside the Cairo Business Park, the WMF innovation network will meet the Egyptian startup ecosystem, laying out an outstanding opportunity for all tech-forward startups seeking to expand their network, and tackle the right audience.

This North-African event is part of a broader scenario, the International Roadshow: the WMF traveling project designing and hosting events abroad, aimed at bridging different local innovation ecosystems and strengthening connections between worldwide innovation players and stakeholders.

One of the main activities on the agenda for the Egyptian stop will be a Startup Competition. The WMF Innovation Team and Startups Without Borders have selected some of the most outstanding startups from Italy and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) to participate in a pitch session. The awarded startups will be granted full access to WMF 2023, scheduled in Rimini (Italy) on June 15-17, with the opportunity of exhibiting inside the Startup District, and access to reserved networking activities and B2B meetings with leading industry players and investors. The first-place winner will also be able to pitch their business project during the Festival, competing back-to-back with many other startups from all over the world. The selection will close on January 20.

A new pin on the world map, which brings WMF one step further in its journey to fostering connections between local innovation ecosystems and building a global network of innovation forces to ignite a real, collective change.

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