General terms and conditions of online sale for the event WMF - We Make Future

1. Conditions and Seller's identity

The offer and sale of participation in the event WMF - We Make Future - an initiative reserved for industry professionals - and the provision of related content, presented on the website available at the address, are governed by these general terms and conditions of online sale (hereinafter, "General Conditions") and by the Order Form, regulating the contractual relationships between Search On Media Group S.r.l., VAT number 02418200800, with registered office at Via Ugo Bassi, 7 - 40121 – Bologna (BO),, REA BO-489101 (hereinafter "Search On Media"), and the Customer, as defined below.

The General Conditions also apply in case the sale of participation takes place free of charge, or the entrance is offered as a gift. Access to specific dedicated workshops may be governed by other special conditions, available at the above address. To manage the various stages of booking and access any digital content distributed, it is necessary for the User to have an account registered on the system, as defined below.

2. Definitions

The following terms and expressions will assume the meanings indicated below for each of them within the General Conditions, the Contract, and during the execution phases; terms defined in the singular are also intended to be defined in the plural and vice versa:

  • “”: indicates the software and computer infrastructure available at the address;
  • “Customer”: means any subject that purchases participation in the Event and the provision of related content, in accordance with the Contract;
  • “Consumer”: means any natural person acting for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial, commercial, industrial, artisanal, or professional activity possibly carried out;
  • “Contract”: refers to the agreement between Search On Media and the Customer aimed at regulating their legal relationship as governed by the General Conditions, the Order Form, and any other official information provided;
  • “General Conditions”: refers to this document;
  • “Event Venue”: refers to the set of buildings and lands that constitute the venues for the Event, as well as the digital and virtual infrastructures that allow the enjoyment of the Event and its content, even in online mode, regardless of the physical presence of the Customer;
  • “Order Form”: means the document supplementary to these General Conditions;
  • “Parties”: collectively means Search On Media and the Customer;
  • “Participation”: means the admission ticket to the Event, purchased on the Official Website;
  • “Official Website”: means the website available at the address, where Participation can be purchased;
  • "Event": refers to the event WMF - We Make Future, which will take place physically and online on the dates and locations as defined on the Official Website and/or in these General Conditions.

4. Access to

To proceed with the purchase of Participation on the Official Website, the Customer must register on, concluding a separate contract that will regulate the provision of the platform, and filling out the appropriate form available on the Official Website. In any case, the Customer is required to ensure that the personal information provided during the registration procedure and subsequently is correct, complete, and truthful. The Contract will be deemed concluded when Search On Media receives payment from the Customer.

5. Purchase of Participation

Once access to is obtained, the Customer can proceed with the purchase of Participation by following the procedure indicated on the Official Website and filling out the Order Form, making sure to indicate the desired number of tickets. Subsequently, the Customer must read the General Conditions and print a paper copy and store another on a durable medium that allows them to retain personally addressed information, so they can access it in the future for a period appropriate to the purposes for which it is intended and allows for the identical reproduction of the stored information. If the Customer has doubts about the text of the General Conditions, they are required to contact customer service and not carry out any purchase operation. Search On Media, upon request from the Customer, may provide an electronic copy of the Contract and/or the General Conditions to the email address indicated by the Customer. The Customer must also give their consent to the processing of their personal data through one or more flags on one or more checkboxes, in accordance with the privacy policy provided.

6. Delivery of Participation

Delivery of the purchased Participation/s on the Official Website will take place through, by downloading the respective document, present in a dedicated area, by the Customer.

7. Clause on licensing digital content

Search On Media may distribute or make multimedia content related to the Event available to Customers through the platform.

Search On Media – in accordance with the license terms of the platform itself - grants the Customer a non-exclusive license, with the space, time, and technology limits provided here, for the economic exploitation rights of such content, with an express prohibition on sublicensing to third parties and deriving works, solely for the correct execution of the Contract. Acts that involve copying, even partial, of the content are not allowed, except for non-derogable legal limits.

The content can only be accessed through the information systems of Search On Media, or those listed by it, with an explicit prohibition on any different usage tool.

Search On Media reserves the right, at any time, to revoke the license without notice and without any consideration. Search On Media may include DRM or other technological protection measures within the content, consisting of devices and/or components intended to prevent or limit actions not authorized by the rights holder. Electronic information on the rights regime, indicating the terms and conditions of use of the content subject to the services, the identity of the author of the work, and numbers or codes representing such information or other identification elements, may also be affixed to the content. The Customer is not allowed to remove DRM or the aforementioned information. Information regarding the use of content and its interoperability will be available within the license of

8. Prices

The price of Participation is inclusive of VAT, if applicable. The price of Participation, indicated at the time of purchase on the Order Form, is valid until the completion of the purchase procedure. In case of cancellation, change of methods, change of the Venue of the Event, or postponement of the Event, the consideration for Participation will not be refunded to the Customer but will remain available to Search On Media to ensure the Customer's participation in future editions and/or on the new dates indicated and/or in the new Venues of the Event. The list of speakers' names on the Official Website of the Event must be considered indicative; therefore, if one or more individuals scheduled as speakers do not attend the Event or are replaced, such non-participation or replacement can in no case be considered as the cancellation of the event. Changes to the structure of the Event, the platforms used, the dates, the locations, in no way can be considered as contractual breaches or give rise to requests for the reimbursement of fees or compensation. In the event of unavailability of communication services that regulate access to the enjoyment of the Event online, including, such malfunctions cannot be considered as the cancellation of the Event, in whole or in part.

9. Payment Methods

The Customer can make the payment of the due price through the following reliable and secure payment methods:

  • PayPal Circuit;
  • Credit cards;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Any other payment methods indicated on the Official Website.

Search On Media reserves the right to change or implement the payment methods usable by the Customer at any time, at its discretion. In the case of payment by credit card, the charge to the Customer of the agreed price takes place after verifying the credit card details and receiving authorization to charge from the credit card company used by the Customer. Credit card data sent during the order process is protected and sent directly to the bank that handles payments. Payment is made directly on a secure server, with SSL encryption key, to ensure the security of the transaction. In the case of payment via PayPal, when the Customer sends orders, the session will be transferred to a secure PayPal site. On this site, the Customer can complete the payment of the price using their PayPal account, in accordance with the terms of use of the PayPal service subscribed to by the Customer at that time or previously. The debit of the price from the Customer's PayPal account takes place simultaneously with the sending of the order confirmation. Search On Media reserves the right to change or implement, at any time, the payment methods usable on the Official Website.

10. Access to the Event

All Customers must have a valid ID and the email confirming the purchase to access the Event on the day of the event. Participation constitutes an access pass exclusively for the edition of the Event for which it was purchased, on the day and time indicated. Search On Media has the right to refuse access to the Venue of the Event for irregularities in the Participation and to carry out checks on individuals for security and hygiene reasons. In the case of Online Participation, Customers will receive instructions via email on how to access the online Event. If it is found that the Participation has been stolen, duplicated, or obtained in violation of these General Conditions and/or legal terms, the holder of the Participation may not be authorized to access the Venue of the Event or may be required to leave it. During participation, each Customer must show an identification card provided by the organization or proof of the purchase of the participation ticket, even by sending an email. For the correct enjoyment of the Event – especially in the case of enjoying online broadcasts, the Customer must meet all the following minimum requirements regarding the device they intend to use and the available hardware.


  • Google Chrome ver. 79 or above;
  • Mozilla Firefox, ver. 74 or above;
  • Safari Edge. Ver 81 or above;

Operating Systems:

  • Android Ver. 10 or above;
  • iOS Ver. 13 or above;
  • Windows Ver. 11 or above;
  • Osx: Ver 10.10 or above;
  • Linux: all major distributions (Ubuntu, Suse, etc.) at the latest stable version distributed. Others not supported;

Bandwidth Requirements:

  • Speed greater than 50.0 Mbps (both upstream and downstream);

PC Hardware:

  • Processor: Intel i7 at 2.6 Ghz or above;
  • RAM: 8GB or above;

Mobile Hardware:

  • Processor: 8-Core at 1.8 Ghz or above;
  • RAM: 8GB or above;

The domains and subdomains used by Customers for connectivity must never have been reported as malicious or dangerous to any third party (including antivirus and firewall manufacturers) and must allow the use of technologies used for the provision of the Event. Disable browser extensions of any kind that may inhibit correct operation (e.g., ad-blocker, etc.) of the Event's infrastructures. The Customer must avoid using DNS with blocks of any kind and proxies for navigation.

11. Information about Participation/Postponement or Cancellation of the Event

In order to make Participation clear and transparent, the program and necessary information related to the Event are made available on the Official Website. The list of speakers, initiatives related to the Event, sponsors, and exhibitors is merely indicative. The organization reserves the right to make changes at any time. The choice of the Venue of the Event, the technologies used, and the respective dates may be subject to change. Search On Media reserves the right to make the Event available at its discretion, even entirely, online without requiring the physical presence of the Customer, thus not guaranteeing that the Event can take place with the physical presence of participants and speakers. In the event that the Event is postponed by Search On Media, the Customer will not be entitled to any refund but will have the right to participate in the event on the new dates indicated. In the event of cancellation for reasons of public safety or force majeure, which may be evaluated as such by Search On Media, the right to a refund is expressly excluded. Any other warranties are expressly excluded.

12. Non-conformity of the Received Participation, compared to the Purchased One

Without prejudice to what is provided in the preceding articles, in all cases of non-conformity of Participation compared to the one purchased, the Customer can contact Search On Media, at the addresses provided in the heading of these General Conditions.

13. Prohibitions related to Participations

Participations cannot be resold, for consideration or free of charge, without the express consent of Search On Media, and in any case in which Search On Media specifically prohibits the transfer of ownership based on nominative principles. Participations also cannot constitute the prize for prize competitions, whether or not within the scope of DPR 430/2001 or other prize or promotional initiatives (such as, for example, competitions or lotteries), unless previously authorized in writing by Search On Media.

14. Complaints

For any complaints, please contact Search On Media directly, at the addresses indicated in the heading of these General Conditions.

15. Withdrawal

Once the Contract is concluded, the Customer cannot in any way withdraw from it, except for legal limits. In particular, the Customer cannot request a refund for tickets, even if they have not used or cannot use the participation.

16. Assignment

Search On Media can replace itself with a different subject and/or assign and/or subcontract for any reason any obligation arising from the Contract, in whole or in part, at any time and without any notice or obligation to communicate to the Customer.

17. Limitation of Liability

Search On Media cannot be held responsible for the expenses and damages, direct and indirect, of any nature, suffered by the Customer in relation to the execution and/or non-execution and/or incorrect execution of the Contract and/or the Customer's Participation in the Event. Search On Media shall be held harmless and indemnified by the Customer from all damages and expenses, sanctions, and, in general, from any obligation to pay sums of money, due to activities directly or indirectly connected to the fulfillment of the Contract. The Customer also waives any request, claim, civil action, including economic and/or damage compensation, against Search On Media directly related to the non-performance and/or incorrect performance of the Contract. Search On Media shall not be liable for any theft or loss of money, materials, or goods that may occur within the Event. Any other warranty is expressly excluded. This clause does not apply in cases of fraud or gross negligence.

18. Privacy

The Customer is required to read the Privacy Policy, in accordance with the current regulations, including EU Regulation 679/2016, which can be directly consulted at the address

19. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Contract is governed by Italian Law. In the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation and/or execution of the Contract, the competent authority to decide will be exclusively the Milan Tribunal.

20. Modification of General Conditions

The General Conditions are subject to changes by Search On Media at any time.

21. Contact Addresses

You can contact Search On Media directly by writing to the addresses listed at the beginning of these General Conditions.

22. Oppressive Clauses

The Parties declare, in any case, to expressly approve, pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the following clauses: 3) Object; 4) Access to; 5) Purchase of Participation; 7) Clause of licensing digital content; 9) Payment methods; 11) Information about Participation/postponement or cancellation of the Event; 12) Non-conformity of the received Participation, compared to the purchased one; 13) Prohibitions related to Participations; 15) Withdrawal; 16) Assignment; 17) Limitation of liability; 19) Applicable law and jurisdiction; 20) Modification of General Conditions.