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Together We Make Future


«We believe entrepreneurial endeavors should ignite a positive change, and we experience digital innovation as an invaluable tool for reshaping the future towards sustainable, collective growth.»

The WMF has stemmed from an ambitious idea: to create an open, inclusive, and collective tool that could have a positive impact on society through the contribution of every single person and reality partaking in it. We have strongly believed in this since the first edition, and as the event grew, it took on new challenges: becoming a tool for shaping the next future, an accelerator force for the innovation process not only in our country, Italy but internationally

The Festival's commitment, encompassed in the words We Make Future, is indeed to build a new, better future made of education, empowerment, employment, and innovation.

Year after year, even during the complexities of 2020, and later with the bold restart of 2021, WMF has continued to act as an amplifier for education, culture, and innovation. An agorà that, starting from the digital realm, brings physically together diversified realities and heterogeneous skill sets to discuss, reflect, and together activate a positive change.

Alongside students, startups, companies, NPOs, and institutions, the Festival work unfolds throughout the whole year, with multiple events devoted to educating and promoting the spread of a digital culture of innovation. 

Digitization, Sustainability, Education and Training, Research, Inclusion and Accessibility, Health, Legality, Employment, and Entrepreneurship are some of the main topics that for years have kept us focused on building a more inclusive experience for all.

Fostering a global network of changemakers.

We are not alone on this mission: together with us operate thousands of people and realities worldwide that have chosen to strive towards a positive social impact, becoming what we call "Entrepreneurs for Society".

We are convinced that the real driving force toward a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable future comes from a shared commitment and action, which is the result of cooperation, and responsible use of the tools that digital and technological innovation has made available to us.

Because of this awareness, we are building a global network of innovation, a true ecosystem called Innovation Valley, working side to side with startups, investors, companies, and all kinds of realities that share our vision. Many countries have already joined our network - UK, Israel, Turkey, France, Spain, Poland, Czech Rep., Greece, Croatia, Egypt, Serbia, Malta, Australia, Canada, Mexico - and many more are about to, thanks to the WMF International Roadshow project.

Thanks to everyone's contribution, every year we continue to evolve, by firmly holding on to the founding values and cornerstones that constantly shape our work and vision.

We highly value your input: let us know what you would like to experience at WMF2023. Fill out the form below with your ideas for the three-day event, and keep on reshaping the future with us! 

Thank you,

Cosmano Lombardo
Founder and CEO
Search On Media Group - Chairman and Creative Director WMF

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JUNE 4 · 5 · 6, 2025
WMF - We Make Future

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