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JUNE 15·16·17, 2023 / RIMINI EXPO CENTRE


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For tech-forward startups developing innovative ideas and projects, the Festival is a most valuable opportunity to gain visibility and enter the orbit of qualified investors. Besides the biggest International Startup Competition in Southern Europe, and the WMF Startup District (a physical and virtual exhibition floor entirely dedicated to startups and scaleups), the Festival's program also features events catered to startups and scaleups, joining in from all over the world. You will have the chance to present your project in front of a selected and highly profiled audience of worldwide investors, VCs, and key innovation players. The events are designed to encourage the development of original ideas and potential disruptive businesses. There will be no shortage of moments of networking and business matching, with the leading stakeholders in the world of innovation.


WMF is addressed to all investors, public and private, interested in financing and supporting the development of startups and innovative business projects. During the three-day Festival, thanks to the many events scheduled in the World Startup Fest, all the investors attending will be able to connect with entrepreneurs, institutions, young companies, and an international network of startups, gaining the opportunity to sustain worthy, intuitive, leading-edge business ideas.

Professionals & Employees

In addition to incisive content and educational talks about web marketing and the main topics concerning digital innovation, professionals attending will gain a general, solid overview of the state-of-the-art and upcoming trends in the world of tech innovation. Attendees will get an extensive background, many opportunities to advance their own personal and professional growth, chances to enhance their network, and connect with a targeted audience through inspiring and meaningful collective moments. While waiting for the educational program of the 2023 Edition, you can check out the WMF 2022 topics.

Companies & Agencies

The Festival is a must-attend event for small, medium, and large companies and agencies wishing to update their strategies to the latest news and digital marketing tools and trends, train their employees, and prompt growth in their business units. Valuable networking opportunities within the exhibition floor and the opportunity to benefit from the Digital Job Placement, a recruitment service. To the most innovative brands, the WMF offers several sponsorship opportunities and forms of brand visibility.

Executives & Marketing Directors

Stay in the loop, and get to know other execs, gaining meaningful insights through the many business and networking events. General Managers and CEOs will be able to share educational moments with their team and broaden their network, gain visibility in the international ecosystem and build connections with leading innovative companies: the present and future of innovation hand in hand.

Makers & Researchers

Research Institutes, Makers, and SMEs will have the opportunity to present prototypes and projects inside the Maker & Tech District, a large space created to highlight the most innovative, pioneering products and to showcase them to the leading innovation players and to the thousands of people attending the Festival. With the purpose of contributing to scientific and collective progress, every year WMF activates the Call for Researchers, aimed at highlighting the most innovative international research projects.


The WMF is a valuable opportunity for professional growth and education for computer developers and programmers. Great focus is paid to the world of Coding and IT, to which an entire education room will be dedicated. Developers attending can also decide to join specific events, such as practical workshops or hackathons scheduled during the three days.

Public Offices & Institutions

WMF is also addressed to managers, employees, and all those employed in Public Administration and Institutional offices increasingly involved in digital transformation processes for the management and external communication of public activities.

Journalists & Media

The Festival is a great opportunity for both professional and aspiring journalists to gather useful insights on digital publishing trends. A variety of well-known industry representatives will discuss how advances in technology have changed the way we communicate, providing the audience with a comprehensive overview of digital marketing strategies and innovative trends in journalism.

Writers and Publishers

Every year the Festival dedicates significant space to the book publishing industry with a Book Fair, allocating part of the Expo Area called Book District to bookstores, media, and publishers. During the WMF, authors, writers and publishers can present their latest books or publishing projects to the audience, by joining a dedicated call for Book Presentations.


The Festival is an excellent opportunity for artists, musicians, dancers, buskers and many other creatives who want to showcase their talent to a large audience. The Mainstage and the entire Expo Area will host live performances, the Music Fest will be entirely dedicated to live music and DJ sets, and the Call for Emerging Bands will bring to the Festival the next up-and-coming musicians.

Non Profit Organizations

WMF grants every year a wide space to the nonprofit sector. Thanks to an entirely dedicated themed room, it is possible to take a close look at the most interesting aspects of digital marketing and the tools that realities operating in the Third Sector can use to fulfill their mission. WMF grounds also host a dedicated NPO District inside the Expo Area, for all NPOs interested in gaining awareness and taking advantage of the recruitment service to identify digital professionals useful for their association.

Content creators

The Festival offers to all content creators a dynamic environment rich in opportunities to broaden their network and ignite new collaboration possibilities, getting in touch with professionals, large companies, and other market players. The three-day event is also an opportunity for professional development, thanks to educational sessions on digital marketing and strategy. The Creators Fest, an event dedicated to content creators with dedicated guests, activities and moments, will give all attending creators the opportunity to become part of a community that actively works to empower the digital market and encourage regulation and protections for new professional figures in the digital field.

Gamers and Esports fans

WMF is the right place for all gamers and video game enthusiasts. WMF offers a private educational room on the world of Esports and Gaming, a Drone Area, amateur tournaments and challenges, live show match sessions, and many other activities that will turn an entire dedicated area into a real Esports Festival.

Students, Bloggers & Digital enthusiasts

Thanks to numerous educational moments and workshops on the most innovative topics, during the three-day Festival, it is possible to design and customize your own WMF educational path, collect knowledge and skills in the different areas of web marketing and digital innovation, and access employment opportunities within the extensive WMF network. Those taking their first steps in the digital marketing work field will be able to choose interventions that provide them with the basics, in order to start developing their professional skills.

JUNE 4 · 5 · 6, 2025
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