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13 · 14 · 15 JUNE 2024 / BOLOGNAFIERE
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With over 60,000 attendees from 89 countries in 2023, over 1,000 speakers from around the world, and more than 100 thematic stages, WMF - We Make Future, the International Fair and Festival of Technological and Digital Innovation, stands as the foremost international platform for gathering, exchanging, and co-creating the future. Every year, thousands of digital professionals, industry experts, and international thought leaders in innovation converge on WMF to share their skills and experiences on the stages of WMF, contributing uniquely to its construction.

Apply as a Speaker for the 2024 edition!

Guidelines to submit your proposal

Guidelines to submit your proposal

We would like to remind you that the speech proposal should be:

  • Original and innovative: not previously presented at other events or conferences

  • Educational and focused on an industry-specific topic: for our suggestions, you can refer to the WMF 2024 themes page or previous editions of WMF

  • Well-titled, explaining the educational opportunity and the depth of research or experience that supports it

  • Non-promotional or commercially oriented

Note: The more specific the proposal, the better. Short, direct, and explanatory titles are more effective. We recommend specifying the target audience and objectives, clearly indicating the main message for the audience and the speech's purpose. Keep in mind that each application is evaluated alongside many others, so please take care when completing the form.

If you have any doubts, you can find frequently asked questions from speaker candidates at the end of this page to help you formulate your proposal effectively!

The Call for Speaker Deadlines
The provided dates are merely approximate and may vary based on programming needs.
12th October
Opening - Call for Speaker
21st March
Closing - Call for Speaker
Beginning of April
Applications Feedback
Apply as a Speaker at WMF 2024

Fill out the form and submit your proposal! If you have any questions while filling it out, you can email us at

Up to 110 characters including spaces.
Up to 500 characters including spaces.
Information about your experience and the motivations driving you to deliver this speech are additional useful details during the selection process.
Do not attach your CV , just material in PDF, PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX - MAX 10MB that can be helpful to evaluate your proposal
FAQ's Call for Speaker

How many proposals can I submit?

We ask you to submit a maximum of two well-structured and carefully crafted speech proposals. Remember to read the guidelines or write to

Can I change my proposal once it's been submitted?

The system does not allow for modifying the proposal once it's been submitted; to make changes, please write to

How long does it take to receive feedback on my proposal?

The Didactic Committee will actively and continuously work on evaluating the received applications, but we cannot provide a specific date. We will definitely provide feedback by the end of March.

Can there be more than one speaker for a speech?

It depends on the type of presentation. If it's a case study, we ask for a single speaker. For a conference, a maximum of two. In the case of a panel discussion, there can be multiple participants, but this needs to be assessed in collaboration with the Team and the Didactic Committee.

In what languages can the speech be?

You can deliver your speech in two languages: either in Italian or in English. We remind you that WMF is an international festival, and therefore, we encourage presentations in English.

Can I present my product or tool?

There are paid options for product presentations or speeches through which you can introduce your organization to the WMF community. If you'd like to receive more information, you can reach out to

Can I reapply if my proposal is rejected?

Yes, it is possible to reapply if a proposal is rejected, of course, while adhering to the deadlines of the Call for Speaker.