Global Startup Program

The event dedicated to founders of the top international startups

13 · 14 · 15  JUNE 2024 / BOLOGNAFIERE

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At WMF - We Make Future, the International Fair and Festival on Techl and Digital Innovation, you will have the opportunity to meet the founders of startups that are gaining attention from international markets, selected by the Innovation team of WMF through scouting activities of the International Roadshow.

The Global Startup Program is among the events for startups, scaleups, and the open innovation world organized within the framework of the World Startup Fest and designed to support the development of a community of founders who have created innovative entrepreneurial projects, both Italian and international. WMF has always been an unmissable event for the innovation world, promoting the meeting and exchange between citizens, startups, stakeholders, and institutions. Each of the initiatives of the World Startup Fest contributes to the expansion of a connected and open innovative ecosystem worldwide.

The Global Startup Program of WMF 2024 is officially open: fill out the form below to apply!


Founders of innovative entrepreneurial projects from around the world can apply, provided they have a scalable and repeatable business model that is receiving positive feedback from target markets.

The selected startups will have the opportunity to present themselves within the Startup District. Through pitches and open discussions or within round table sessions, each founder will be able to describe their business model before directly engaging with the rich network of startups, investors, and stakeholders present at the WMF and participating in networking activities.

  1. Present to an International and Knowledgeable Audience:
    Thanks to an international audience comprising investors, industry-leading companies, and participants from around the world.

  2. Access the Startup District:
    The dedicated exhibition area for startups from around the world.

  3. Organize High-Level B2B Meetings and Networking:
    Thanks to the WMF's business community composed of investors, VCs, open innovation stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and potential business partners with whom it will be easy to connect during and after the event.

  4. Gain Extensive Visibility:
    Participating startups are in the spotlight of a wide audience and receive attention from media, influencers, and industry operators.

  5. Receive Additional Awards and Recognitions:
    Thanks to access to exclusive resources such as potential funding, acceleration programs, and strategic partnerships.

  6. Attend Industry Training and Panels:
    Thanks to dedicated stages on open innovation, entrepreneurs can update their business and technological skills, learn best practices, and increase competitiveness.

  7. Participate in the WMF International Roadshow:
    The international project that accompanies the best Italian startups abroad at major industry events.

  8. Access the global WMF network:
    with possible involvement in related initiatives in Italy and beyond.


The Global Startup Program is dedicated to the top startups selected internationally. Additionally, particular interest is given to innovative projects aimed at generating a positive impact on the environment and the community. Candidate projects are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Team skills, industry knowledge, project feasibility;

  • Stage of development of the product/service;

  • Degree of innovation and defensibility thereof;

  • Competitive context and positioning;

  • Alignment with market and customer needs and size thereof;

  • Business potential of the idea;

  • Completeness of the documentation presented;

  • The project's impact on future challenges;

Networking Activities

Networking moments are the beating heart of the event, offering opportunities to create meaningful connections. The main initiatives you can participate in are
Innovation Night

Innovation Night

An exclusive evening for investors within the WMF international network, where they can meet, share insights, and explore synergies in a completely informal and private setting.

Speed Meeting

Speed Meeting

The innovative format of quick and direct meetings, ideal for startups seeking funding, investors looking for promising projects, or those wanting to expand their network.

Job Placement & Recruitment

Job Placement & Recruitment

Recruitment service for Digital Professions, designed to facilitate the meeting between job demand and supply! A unique opportunity to find professional profiles suitable for your company."

International Roadshow

International Roadshow

By participating in the Global Startup Program, you'll have the opportunity to access the WMF International Roadshow, a global cooperation project spanning across 5 continents and involving 29 countries, and take part in events and initiatives organized by WMF worldwide with the aim of strengthening connections within the international innovation ecosystem.

B2B, B2C, B2G meeting

B2B, B2C, B2G meeting

At WMF, you can schedule meetings with potential clients, international investors, and Open Innovation stakeholders. A unique opportunity to present your idea to those who can help you take it to the next level. In the last edition, over 3,000 startups, investors, incubators, VCs, Business Angels, corporates, and international accelerators participated.

Startup District

Startup District

The exhibition area at WMF entirely dedicated to startups, designed to facilitate meetings, exchanges, and collaborations. Here you can showcase your products or services, arrange appointments, gather feedback, and connect with other industry experts.


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