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We would like to thank every single person who joined us on this journey before, during and after the three-day Festival.

The WMF 2022, this 10th edition of the Festival, has been for us, not only the result of 12 working months but the result of 10 years of engagement, confirming even more strongly how talking about digital and innovation means today talking about cooperation, inclusion, peace, and about all about the Future.

We thank you using the words of Cosmano Lombardo - WMF creator and CEO of Search On Media Group - and with an invitation to get together now on the next journey towards WMF 2023: share with us your suggestion through the dedicated form!

We love to work.

We love to be active.

We learn from the past, working in the present to build the future.

365 days of hard work. There are no holidays, Saturdays or Sundays. A journey that saw our involvement in Italian Burghs, in big cities, in schools, in the dialogue with institutions and around the world, with the same goal of creating the Innovation Valley - Made in Italy - made concrete on June 16th-18th in Rimini.

This Festival was for us a show of the future, an explosion of joy, education and emotions woven among the 36,000 innovative minds - from all over the World - that animated it. We have certainly made some mistakes and we apologize for that.

I apologize, cause I specifically asked the whole team not to be perfect, to make mistakes, to dare: only by daring it is possible to actively innovate. Today, we are already working to improve, while keeping on dreaming to dare more and more.

Let's dare all together, cause there is the urgency to act, in order to improve ourselves and improve what surrounds us: there is the urgency to save our planet, its future and the one of the next generations.

We are not an event, we are an instruments at the service of society.

We are not a fair, we are an acceleration journey.

We are not a festival, we are activists.

We are a platform for building the future.

Thank you all for what you gave us before and during the three days.

Thank you all for stepping back and putting society at the center. Thank you to the moderators, speakers, sponsors, partners, volunteers and all the staff behind the scenes. Thank you to all the girls and boys of our team - Search On Media Group - who trust each year the imagined and told lines, almost impossible to be achieved on paper and, that instead take shape right in the last few days: without your trust and ability to see beyond, we would not have succeeded.

Thanks to every single person who chose to work with us on creating open, inclusive and accessible communities.

See you in the Future...the one we build together.

Starting from the suggestions already shared by many of you, we are already working on the next edition, focusing on the aspects to be improved:

TRAINING ROOMS: improvement of acoustics and dedicated spaces;

ACCESS: improvement of the access system;

TRANSPORTS: we will demand the attention of the relevant institutions, in order to reinforce the transports reach the Expo Centre;

IBRIDA.IO: platform building up;

RESTAURANT POINTS: enhancement of dedicated food & beverage areas.

Let's continue together the building the Future starting right from the co-construction of the next Festival: while waiting for the opening of the calls, dedicated to topics, initiatives and events, send us your suggestions for the WMF2023, using the form below. Thank you!

Let's build together the WMF 2023

We will improve the WMF next edition also thanks to your insights and suggestions.

Send us your suggestions and insights: they will help us to improve the next WMF edition

Relive the best moments of WMF 2022

JUNE 15 · 16 · 17, 2023
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