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JUNE 16-17-18, 2022 / RIMINI & ONLINE

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WMF 2022 Awards were issued to personalities, brands, entities, and institutions that have distinguished themselves through innovative, original, and socially impactful digital communication endeavors, stories, or campaigns during the previous year.

Among the awardees of the 2022 edition, are international authorities the likes of scientist and professor Federico Faggin, the public prosecutor of the Italian Republic Nicola Gratteri, and the Italian director Pupi Avati, but also the projects by Agnelli Foundation, the GEDI Group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the ICE Agency.

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Human Rights & Activism Award to Linda Sarsour

The Festival offered Linda Sarsour the WMF Award for Human Rights & Activism thanks to her political commitment and struggles over the years on behalf of the rights of women, uprooted and displaced people, and any discriminated and oppressed community or social group.

Innovation Technology Award to Federico Faggin

The WMF Innovation Technology Award was assigned to Federico Faggin, inventor of the Intel 4004 microprocessor, the founder of the technology behind all modern computers, for the enormous impact he has had in recent history through his research work.

Edutech Solution Award to the Agnelli Foundation

The WMF Awards Edutech Solution was awarded to the Agnelli Foundation for their Parallel Education project, a platform dedicated to teachers for peer education. Francesco Milanesio of Reply introduced the award speech.

Media Communication Award to GEDI Group

The Media Communication Award 2022 goes to the GEDI Group for OnePodcast, the app that brings together GEDI's entire offering of podcasts, music, news, and radio. Chiara Monardo of Reply introduces the award.

Social Innovation Award to Pif

The WMF Social Innovation Award was granted to director, actor, and screenwriter Pif, for his commitment to remarkable social issues, such as legality and the fight against the mob.

Diversity & Inclusion Award to Benedetta De Luca

The WMF delivers the Diversity & Inclusion Award to social influencer and writer Benedetta De Luca for her work on social issues such as feminism and body positivity.

Best International Content & Digital Campaign Award to ICE and MAECI

The WMF Best International Content & Digital Campaign Awards has been assigned to ICE and MAECI, for the "Italy is simply Extraordinary" campaign, and for constantly promoting goals such as Nation Branding and Made in Italy international visibility.

Best Digital EventAward (powered by ibrida.io) to SACE

The WMF Best Digital Event Award, powered by ibrida.io, goes to SACE for the Women in Export event, the first business community aimed at empowering female managerial roles within Italian companies through specific training paths.

Legality Award to Nicola Gratteri

The WMF Legality Award is granted to the Public Prosecutor of the Italian Republic Nicola Gratteri, for his constant efforts to break down the culture of illegality. Presenting the award are the Italian duo I Sansoni.

Knowledge Business Award to Carriere.it

The Festival delivers the Knowledge Business Award, as the best Italian business based on knowledge and skills sharing, to Carriere.it, which has distinguished itself for the degree of innovation, scalability, and social impact. Andrea Genovese of Business in Cloud presents the award.

Accessibility Award to Frolla Lab

The WMF Accessibility Award is assigned to Frolla Lab, the artisanal cookie workshop created through the involvement of children with different grades of disability. Maria Chiara Andriello of Rai Public Utility presents the award.

Innovation Film Making Award to Pupi Avati

The Festival issues an Innovation Film Making Award to director Pupi Avati, honorary jury president of the WMF Innovation Film Fest, who introduced to the WMF audience his latest work based on the figure of Dante Alighieri.

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