16 JULY 2021 / RIMINI & ONLINE​​​​​​​

For International Scaleups​​​​​​​


Within the World Startup Fest, on July 16 WMF2021 has hosted the event ScaleUp For Future, dedicated to Scaleups coming from all over the world. 

On WMF Mainstage - at Rimini Palacongressi - 6 scaleups have showcased their pitches, case studies and experiences during a roundtable that has involved every WMF participant. 

The initiative aims at enhancing the creation of an international ecosystem, in order to promote cooperation and idea sharing between citizens, startups, stakeholders and institutions, and it lays within a wider cooperational project designed by WMF, which begun with the initiative Start the Future.

Find out the International Scaleups that on July 16 have presented theri fast growing business on WMF Mainstage - on site in Rimini and Online on - during WMF2021.


Cosmano Lombardo

Cosmano Lombardo

Founder e CEO Search On - Ideazione WMF

Diletta Leotta

Diletta Leotta

TV host

6 Scaleups

at WMF2021 - find out who they are is a membership-based hotel platform with no booking commissions and with up to 25% lower hotel prices for over 120,000 hotels in 128 countries. Founded by Michael Ros and Casper Knieriem in January 2014 in The Hague, it is the world’s first commission-free service of this type that saves revenue for hotels with best-deal hotel pricesfor frequent travelers. Bidroom’s mission is to bring more fairness to the hospitality industry by saving hotels from abusive commissions set by big Online Travel Agencies.

Revolut wants to revolutionise how money works. As innovative financial-platform, Revolut offers people the power to spend, invest and transfer money without bank high commissions. Launched in UK in 2015, Revolut has significantly grown over few years and increased its offering. Headquartered in London and with over 2000 employees, Revolut is today one of the largest fintech communities in the world, with over 15 million users.

Foodpanda is a global online food delivery marketplace that enables users to place orders at local restaurants via its website or mobile application. Customers enter their postcodes on the site, browse for food from a list of restaurants, and place the order; foodpanda processes the order details, sends out an SMS to customers to confirm orders andtheir estimated delivery time, and passes the details to partner restaurants; and the restaurants deliver the food to customers. It is called foodpanda in Asia and Europe and hellofood in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

SumUp is a financial technology company that allows businesses of all sizes to receive payments quickly and simply, both in-store and online. Named as Europe’s fastest- growing company in the ‘Inc. 5000’, SumUp supports over 3 million merchants globally and - with its card terminals and online services relied upon by businesses from DHL to black cab drivers - SumUp is the go-to partner for small businesses from every walk of life. In October 2018, SumUp released its 3G reader, a card terminal that lets merchants process payments without the need for a mobile app or constant Wi-Fi connection. SumUp’s 100% digital sign-up, fast delivery, and quick and easy set-up means that merchants can be empowered by digital transactions within just minutes from receiving their card terminal.

Contentsquare is the User Experience Analytics platform that allows companies to create better digital experiences on websites, mobile or apps. Thanks to Contentsquare companies can analyse users behaviours and highlights, spot friction points, measure content performances and compare impacts, in order to take data-driven choiches and boost conversions, revenues and customers loyalty. Found in Paris in 2012, Contentsquare has offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Monaco, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Singapore. The company helps 750+ brands in 26+ Countries guaranteeing a better digital experience to their users. Contentsquare - new unicorn - takes part to the Next 40 index.

PatchAi® aims at changing clinical practice focusing on patients and on digital technologies. The company goal is to develop safer, most efficient and customized medical products to improve patients lives. PatchAi® develops digital therapies and cognitive platforms to collect data conversationally (CO-PRO® and the predictive analysis based on patients data during clinical trails). In particular, PatchAi®, uses technologies such as AI and ML, offering video-consulting experiences and integrating empathetic virtual assistants capable of interpreting patients' needs. It also implements tailor-made strategies to promote and maintain engagement and collects data on symptomathology, quality of life and assist compliance. 

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